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i-gotU GT-820 series is a sophisticated GPS computer and handy for various outdoor and sport activities. Its 1.4” back-lighted LCD display details all the essential GPS information you need to know on the go, including speed, distance, altitude, time, pace, heart rate, pedaling cadence, calorie burned, and much more. This light weight GPS device can be portable or mounted onto your bike. Furthermore, it supports Bluetooth Low Energy wireless interface for connection with heart rate monitor and cadence/speed sensor for performance measurement. i-gotU GT-820 series is truly the best travel mate that bike riders, travelers, or photographers could ever have.

Main Features

Bike Computer

IPX7 Waterproof

Bluetooth® Low Energy

Calorie Consumption

Speed Meter

Digital Compass


Slope Meter

Photo Locator

Travel Logger

Heart Rate Monitor

Cadence Meter


Wireless Accessories
Bluetooth® Low Energy Interface Heart Rate Monitor (optional) Bike Cadence/Speed Sensor(optional)
Bike Computer Photo Locator Travel & Sports Logger
Extra Features
Digital Compass Barometric Altimeter Location Navi
Innovative Software
@trip PC Sports Analyzer @trip Website
Trip & Photo Sharing
Flickr & Picasa Google Maps (2D) 
Google Earth (3D)
Facebook, Myspace,
Twitter, Digg, ...etc.



System Requirements

PC with Windows 7 and above, Vista, XP
PC with USB 1.1 or 2.0 or 3.0



Package Content

GT-820 or GT-820 Pro Bike Mount USB Cable
Software CD Heart Rate Monitor
Cadence/Speed Sensor



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